Make Videos from Games Using CamStudio

Make Videos from Games Using CamStudio Version 1.002 Free

Get screen shots and videos of anything that runs on your screen using a simple and efficient screen capture tool

Taking screen shots of our desktop is one of the most common things that we do when we use our PC. But there are certain programs that apply restrictions when it comes to taking screenshots. But this can be easily overcome if you have the Camstudio software installed in your PC. Apart from taking screen shots of your desktop, it also has the ability to record whatever that runs so that you can make use of the recorded content in future. One of the classic examples where this application might be really useful is when you want to create a tutorial of some kind where you wish to provide video based content to the viewer. For example, if are trying to teach your audience how to install a particular software or how to finish the level of a game, you can use Camstudio to record the steps that need to be followed for installing the software in your PC and publish it online so that they can view the video and follow the same in their PC. It is as simple as that. SWF and AVI are the two major video formats supported by this program and there are other useful and nifty features that might help you make your video tutorials really intuitive. Users can trace the path made by the cursor while recording the video so that they viewer is able to keep track of the steps and there is also the provision to add comments or annotations to the video that you record so that you can include any useful information.
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